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Create a Simple Daily Meditation Practice You Can Squeeze into Your Busy Life...

Regardless of How Many Times You May Have Failed in the Past

Join the FREE 10 Day Meditation CHALLENGE

You Will Learn How to...

  • Create a Simple Repeatable Practice
  • Choose the Best Time for Your Practice
  • Overcome Procrastination & Lack of Motivation
  • Develop Discipline and Accountability
  • Feel Empowered to Take Control of Your Life
  • Show Up for Yourself Daily

What is Included:

Recorded Instruction

Learn a simple 3 min practice that is easy to do, supports emotional health, builds momentum, and sets you up for success.

Daily Check-In

Receive daily morning prompts to help you take action. Then an end of day video to help address common concerns.

Community Discussion

Share your experience in the comments each day, ask your questions, and use it as an accountability tool.

Available When You Are...

Recording will be Available
You have unique scheduling challenges and I understand that. This program is designed to support you in creating a daily meditation practice when it works for you. All materials are recorded and available 24/7.

Your Event Host

Lance Bozek

I appreciate deep authentic soulful connections and crave clear meaningful communication, so my events are interactive and created to help you feel safe in asking questions and sharing your story.

My experience in yoga and meditation started in 2006 with Ashtanga Yoga as a way to complement my running and improve mental and physical flexibility. Soon after I was exposed to Kundalini Yoga and immediately was hooked. Several years later, a combination of Kundalini Yoga retreats and living on sustainable farms helped me uncover a connection through the natural world I had been craving which filled a void I did not know existed.

Along the way, I also discovered a passion for understanding the effects of sound vibration as a processing and healing tool.

I now focus each day on allowing divine guidance to clarify my path in helping other spiritual truth-seekers find the peace and clarity to take the next step forward on their divine journey.