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How Do We Develop Engaging Relationships Virtually While Building a Thriving & Resilient Healing Business?

I have been asking myself this question for quite a while. And the recent news about TikTok potentially being banned just reminds me that if I can't control how I reach my audience, then I don't have a very reliable business.

Now I am not suggesting that we have to do away with social media entirely, unless you feel called to make that decision for yourself. I am however recommending a reassessment of what role any of those channels may play in our business.

If we have done the work to attract an audience of people who want to hear from us, then we want to know that we can reach that audience at any time. Social media has proven time and again with it's changing algorithms that we do not have control of who receives our broadcasts. And now this most recent extreme case of a potential ban of the platform by the government proves even further that the rug can get pulled out from under our feet at any time.

Most business consultants and coaches will agree that the most valuable thing that you have in your business is your customer list. This is a collection of people who have proven that they approve of what you are doing and what you are creating. And it is FAR more valuable if you can directly reach out to that list of people without having to go through some gate keeper who decides how many they will allow you to reach.

There are only 3 ways that I am aware of right now that you can do this...

You can send a piece of physical mail to their home address. You can call or text their phone number. Or you can send them an email. As long as your customer or potential client has provided one of those pieces of information and welcomes hearing from you, then you have the ability to reach out and continue building your relationship.

How Do We Do This?

Well that is the conversation that I would like to facilitate. I am going to host a free online discussion where we can talk about these issues and the challenges that we face. If there is enough interest then I am thinking about facilitating an ongoing group to support our mutual goal of creating fulfilling, vibrant, and engaging interactions with our followers that help to build a solid foundation and resiliency for our business.

If these ideas resonate with you and you want to be included when this free online conversation happens just click on the button below and provide your contact info.

I will be scheduling this sometime in the next couple of weeks based on your feedback.

Who Am I?
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Hi my name is Lance Bozek

I am a spiritual guide and consciousness coach with an office at Stone Soup. But in my previous life I was a web designer for healers and conscious business owners, and I spent over a decade studying online marketing.

I am uniquely skilled at balancing the technical needs of modern communication while also personally understanding the challenges of being empathic and the overwhelm that technology can create.

My current inquiry has been trying to understand how to take that knowledge and theory and apply it to my new business of spirituality in a way that honors my values and does not feel gross and salesy.

The offering on this page is the result of divine inspiration that I received this week, so I am simply stepping forward and answering that call. I welcome any questions that you may have.