"I believe the greatest accomplishment we can make in this life is to share our unique gift and fully realize our spiritual purpose"

Spiritual Guidance with Lance Bozek

Lance Bozek

Spiritual Guide & Life Coach

Are You a Spiritual Truth Seeker who has been feeling stuck, lost, or uncertain about your future?

As a highly empathic person focused on living in alignment with my spiritual purpose, I appreciate the stress and challenges that modern-day life and perceived societal pressures can place upon us to conform in ways that do not resonate.

I can help you to move through those challenges and discover a more fulfilled life.

  • Clearly See Your Next Best Step
  • Replace Fear and Uncertainty with Trust and Peace of Mind
  • Remove Blocks and Generate Momentum
  • Easily Create New Long-Lasting Healthy Habits
  • Learn to Shift Your Mood Instantly
  • Create Moments of Peace and Solitude in Your Busy Life

Rediscover Your Clarity, Joy, & Purpose

The first step is to claim your free 60 min "Clear Action Discovery" call where we authentically connect and help you clear away some of the confusion and unease. There is no pressure and zero obligation for further working together- just two humans being real and getting to know each other. Afterward you can decide if you would like additional support.

Taking the Next Step...


Schedule FREE Session & Complete Pre-Call Questions

Click the button below to find a convenient time for you and claim your free call. Then complete the simple Pre-Call Question form.


Connect & Discover Clear Divine Guidance

During your "Clear Action Discovery" session we will tune into Divine Guidance and work together to clear confusion so you can take your next best step. forward.


Take Action & Create Momentum in New Direction

Follow through on your action step so you can begin to build momentum towards your Divine Dream.

About Lance

I appreciate deep authentic soulful connections and crave clear meaningful communication, so each session is created to help you feel safe in sharing your life story.

My experience in yoga and meditation started in 2006 with Ashtanga Yoga as a way to complement my running and improve mental and physical flexibility. Several years later, a combination of Kundalini Yoga retreats and living on sustainable farms helped me discover my way out of the darkness and confusion after circumstances forced me to look at my life from a new perspective.

This all led me to realize my passion and purpose in helping other spiritual truth-seekers find the peace and clarity to take the next step forward on their divine journey.

It would be my honor to support you in manifesting your Divine Dream.