Develop Self Awareness


Through Kundalini Yoga 

& Meditation

4 Week Kundalini Yoga Series

Tue @ 6pm

Jul 9th - Jul 30th

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Build Trust in Yourself and

Faith in Divine Guidance

We all have a unique path to walk in this lifetime. We can receive inspiration by observing some and feel supported by sharing with others. However the journey is ours alone, and we are the only ones who can decide if we are in alignment or not.

This series is designed to help you build confidence in yourself. To "Know that You Know" as my yoga teacher Guru Singh says. Remove the fear and dependence on outside permission and validation. You have access to all the information you will ever need to be the person you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Available In-Person and Online

Stone Soup
314 Carmel Dr, Fort Walton Beach


Online via Zoom

$15/class or $50 for series

*** Anyone who purchases full series will receive recordings of all classes

Class Schedule & Details

Each class can stand on it's own so you are welcome to attend only the ones that speak to you. However I have chosen this selection of classes to build upon each other so the most benefit will come from participating in the full series.

And while Kundalini yoga can be beneficial after a single class, the benefits are much more profound when a particular Krya is repeated. For this reason I am offering the ability to access recordings after each class for those who purchase the full series.

Becoming Aware of Self (Kundalini Intro)

Jul 9th

An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga. This is a great way to try out one class and see if this resonates with you.

Know that You Know

Jul 16th

Remove excess doubt and create trust in yourself and your path. There is no need for external validation.

Align Your Light

Jul 23rd

Create alignment between your physical body, energy bodies, and soul body to allow the light and sound frequencies to easily flow through and illuminate you.

Self Realization

Jul 30th

Step into the full experience of YOU. The effort put forth in this class will help to activate and actualize the truest most authentic version of yourself.