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Have You Struggled to Create a Consistent Daily Practice?

Finally Create the Daily Meditation, Yoga, or Self-Care Practice You Have Dreamed of...

Regardless of How Many Times You May Have Failed in the Past


FaithfullyME: Learning to Show Up for Yourself Every Day

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After struggling personally to create consistency in my practice last year, I discovered a process that worked amazingly well as I developed a 6-month daily practice for myself, without missing a single day. While speaking with many friends, I learned this was a common challenge and realized that there was a need for this training.

But before I can open the doors to a large audience, I want to make sure that I have addressed the most frequent questions and make the program the best that it can be.

So I am in need of your feedback.

If you will help me by answering 3 brief questions, I will give you FREE early access to the training videos as they are created... PLUS some other bonuses that I can't announce yet.

Outline of Program Content

in its current format... It may change with your input ;)

Learn how to develop a consistent personal practice that provides a solid foundation for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health by adapting to your unique busy lifestyle.

Clarifying the Challenges

Sometimes you may be unclear why you have not been successful with past efforts. We will review the various challenges that may have prevented success in the past so you can learn how to identify and overcome them in the future.

Motivation & Determination

A crystal clear understanding of why your goal is important creates motivation to take action and the determination to overcome challenges when they arise. You will be guided through a self-exploration exercise to dive into the heart of what drives you forward.

Creating Flexibility

Learn to create a customized flexible routine that can adapt to your unique busy lifestyle. This will provide a roadmap for success while honoring your time constraints and navigating scheduling conflicts.


The importance of self-accountability and how to create and use it can not be overstated. This provides freedom and mastery in your life. You will learn techniques for holding yourself accountable.

About Lance

I appreciate deep authentic soulful connections and crave clear meaningful communication, so my classes, trainings, and online events are interactive and created to help you feel safe in asking questions and sharing your story.

My experience in yoga and meditation started in 2006 with Ashtanga Yoga as a way to complement my running and improve mental and physical flexibility. Soon after I was exposed to Kundalini Yoga and immediately was hooked. Several years later, a combination of Kundalini Yoga retreats and living on sustainable farms helped me uncover a connection through the natural world I had been craving which filled a void I did not know existed.

Along the way, I also discovered a passion for understanding the effects of sound vibration as a processing and healing tool.

I now focus each day on allowing divine guidance to clarify my path in helping other spiritual truth-seekers find the peace and clarity to take the next step forward on their divine journey.