Spiritual Guidance for Your Unique Journey

Experience Clarity, Peacefulness, and Connection as We Navigate Our Divine Paths Together.

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Experience Clarity, Peacefulness, and Connection as We Navigate Our Divine Paths Together.

The spiritual journey can be challenging, confusing, and lonely at times with new experiences and changing viewpoints taking shape. Our friends and family often do not understand what we are going through.

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Create Emotional Safety and Stability

Learn to empower yourself with a simple daily practice that balances masculine/feminine energy. This creates a sense of peace and calm while building self confidence.

Walk Your Divinely Inspired Path with Grace

Listen to stories that illustrate the unique journey of each guest in the hopes that it both inspires you to continue moving forward and provides peace of mind knowing that you are not alone.

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About Lance.

I help you as a spiritual truth seeker to empower yourself to be clear, centered, and peaceful through simple daily practices. I focus on creating safe spaces for you to open and discover your Divine inner guidance using tools such as sound vibration, guided meditation, breathing techniques, and kundalini yoga.

I originally played with sound through instruments like the recorder and saxophone in a variety of school organizations. Many years later a powerful and transformative gong bath at a yoga retreat stirred a desire to continue exploring the benefits of sound vibration in healing.

As a spiritual guide and consciousness coach, I now integrate sound vibration into all of my facilitated experiences. I offer private mentoring, group programs, and workshops in person along the Emerald Coast and virtually.

Certifications include:

- Kundalini Yoga (200 hr RYT)

- Superhealth Addiction Recovery

- Laughter Yoga