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4 Week Kundalini Yoga Series

Tue @ 6pm

Nov 28th - Dec 19th

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Do You Find This Time of Year Extra Challenging?

Holiday Greetings! If you find that this season is particularly challenging and you would like some support then this may resonate with you…

At this time of year we can feel pulled in many directions as we set our personal needs aside to meet the expectations from everyone else. But in doing so we increase our stress and decrease our ability to handle it effectively.

Ironically this is the time of year that we could use the extra support of yoga and mediation the most, but I understand it can be difficult to make that decision and set it as a priority.

I recently sent an email out asking if there was any interest in attending a series specifically to reduce this stress.

And the response was a clear "YES!". Some of the challenges that I heard about were things like…

  • Feeling Overextended with Time, Finances, or Energy
  • Losing Self in Unhealthy Gatherings
  • Loneliness and Disconnection
  • Relationship Drama & Challenging Dynamics
  • Do you relate with some of these?

    So I have put together a series of Kundalini yoga kryas designed to address these specific issues.

    Available In-Person and Online

    Stone Soup
    314 Carmel Dr, Fort Walton Beach


    Online via Zoom

    $15/class or $50 for series

    *** Anyone who purchases full series will receive recordings of all classes

    Class Schedule & Details

    Each class can stand on it's own so you are welcome to attend only the ones that speak to you. However I have chosen this selection of classes to build upon each other so the most benefit will come from participating in the full series.

    And while Kundalini yoga can be beneficial after a single class, the benefits are much more profound when a particular Krya is repeated. For this reason I am offering the ability to access recordings after each class for those who purchase the full series.

    Building the Aura

    Nov 28th

    In this class we will focus on generating a stronger life force so you are less affected by others.

    Connecting to Angels and Ancestors

    Dec 5th

    Developing these connections you will feel a sense of belonging and guidance. Trusting that you are exactly where you need to be.

    Gift of Forgiveness

    Dec 12th

    This is a gift that you are giving yourself... releasing stuck energy from the past so you can step into a more beautiful future.

    Living with Faith, Trust, and Ease

    Dec 19th

    In this class we will use pressure, stress, and friction to balance the system and rediscover the ease and stillness that is ever present in the center.